Friday 30 September 2016

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Electronic – Street Light Controller is a complete electronic switching device. It makes use of a thyristor/triac for switching (as oppose to electro-mechanical s witching devices). The device is completely controlled by a state-of-art microcontroller with a real time clock making it completely programmable. At a functional level, it can be used to switch ON & OFF a set of lamps (say street lights ) at any pre-selected time.

Key Facts of our Street Light Controller :

1. Accurate timely switching with adjustable time setting to Switch ON/OFF of Street Light. 

2. Smooth and contact less switching - Reduces dust related malfunctioning which is main cause of failure of Electro-Mechanical (Contactor) based switching.

 3. A properly designed enclosure will eliminate dust & water (IP55), pilferage of power from the system.

 4. Over voltage, Under Voltage protection provided, which is not possible in contactor based switching. 

5. Electronic – Street Light Controller manages single phase loads.  Standard Ratings: 2kW, 5kW, 10kW

 6. GPRS Based Data Communication with Energy and Power data is available for monitoring through server and report generation.

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